TCC Tip #1: Withdraw Your Earnings

Withdrawing your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) earnings is optional, easy, and can be done anytime.

You can withdraw your earnings from either your Wallet Commission, Wallet Trade, or both – by sending funds directly to your personal wallet that has been setup in your profile.

For some new members, there can be a delay when buying Bitcoin through their wallet exchange (i.e. Coinbase).  You might wish to use funds in your Wallet Commissions or Wallet Trade to fund a team member if they have not yet obtained Bitcoin to join.  The team member would then simply reimburse the funds and wallet transaction fees to you via other methods, such as PayPal.

Be aware there is a flat 8% fee to transfer earnings through withdrawal.  Using earnings to fund new team members can be a good strategy to avoid this fee.

Click the image to open screenshots.

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