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Project Description

Trade Coin Club FAQs

What is Trade Coin Club

Trade Coin Club (TCC) is a membership club created to allow anyone to trade in the market of digital coins using specialized software. No trader skills are needed, entry level requires nominal investment, three levels of risk are offered, two methods of earning potential, and one can realize automated gains through daily trade on one’s behalf.

Before you consider becoming a member of the TCC, you should educate yourself on cryptocurrency, and the risks. Then – if you think you’d like to jump on what appears to be a fast-moving train that might represent the future of currency – learn all about the risks and options joining TCC offers and decide if it is something you want to participate in. You should also consider that lowest entry level may not be profitable unless your intent is to team build and earn commissions.

It should be noted that membership is not available for USA citizens as of Jan 2018.

Why I joined the TCC

  • Because I am interested in Bitcoin
  • Because I have disposable money I can afford to risk – losing it would not break me
  • Because I would prefer this “disposable money” be used to make me more money
  • Because I believe Bitcoin will continue to increase in value
  • Because I want to benefit financially when Bitcoin becomes mainstream
  • Because I would like to acquire Bitcoin without having to “buy” it
  • Because “trading” Bitcoin and using gains is an easy way to acquire it
  • Because I know nothing about “trading” and TCC does it for me automatically
  • Because I trust the friends who introduced me to TCC, and they trust TCC
  • Because I love making “passive income” – (what’s not to love about that?)

Trade Coin Club Presentation

TCC Official Merchandise and Printed Materials2017-08-09T17:38:25+00:00

Trade Coin Club members can find registered, trademark official high-quality merchandise on the TCC Merchandise website – show the world you’re a TCC123 PRO!

Printed materials can be ordered with the official TCC registered trademark to help promote your business. High-quality promotional tools available at TCC Printed Materials website!

Corporate Documentation2017-07-26T09:07:38+00:00

When investing your money, it is important to know who you’re doing business with, and determine their legitimacy.  “Trade Coin Club” is the membership business which permits registered members to trade cryptocurrency using proprietary auto-trader software.  Trading is conducted from the Trade By Trade, Ltd. corporate offices located in Belize City, Belize.  The documents below are those of the corporations licensed and operating Trade Coin Club.

Note: we apologize for the “quality” of the images – taken from actual documents physically displayed in the corporate offices.

Joff Paradise, TCC Founder2017-07-24T08:53:44+00:00

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to explore who I am and what I strive to achieve.  My name is Joff Paradise, and I’ve been asked to write about myself so, well… I say “the Lion doesn’t have to tell the jungle he’s a lion”, but here we go.

I was adopted and taken to the United States of America, where I experienced my own “American story”.  I went to school like every normal kid does – but even at an early age, I hated seeing my single mom struggle and I wanted more for her.  So I would try and help out where and how I could.  I would build model cars and trucks then sell them – and was quite good at it.  I did this so she didn’t have to support me as much, but it seemed like she still struggled. I went to high school in Texas,  played football, boxed golden gloves, and opened my own t-shirt company in the local Mall.

I was fortunate to earn a full ride scholarship to Texas A&M, and graduated with a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology.  I owned my own clothing company and sold the swimsuit designs to Venus swimwear – a true American business that began as a start-up in a college dormitory room in Florida.  From there, I pursued my dream of owning and operating my own health clubs.  After starting my first health club, I grew that business to 10 fitness centers, 3 Casinos and 2 restaurants, a coffee shop and a telecommunications company.  I learned that I am very efficient at running companies from start-up and beyond. I also have a passion for fitness, natural health, stem cell study, and currently hold my certificate in the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine – or A4M.

I have been a successful business entrepreneur for over 40 years and my motto is the same as one of my mentors – “if you give enough people what they want they give you what you want”.  Today I am currently involved in several businesses, two of which are MY ABSOLUTE favorites – Trade Coin Club and – both drive my passion, my life.  People ask me “how do you do it with one leg?” to which I reply – “how do you not do it with two?”

Having been through so many sales programs in the past, I am simply not into selling anything these days.  See, I feel that people today are in the post-trust era. No one that I can think of likes to “be sold”.   Instead, I create relationships that I hope will last a lifetime, and will help others see they can be whatever they want to be.  Set your mind to it, and take one thing – Extreme Action!  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Think, work, eat, sleep.  Repeat. Why?? To make a paycheck that doesn’t even last the week, or the month?  No more JOB.  Nope, let’s take action now.

Thank you for reading this and, please, come talk to me. Let’s see what’s holding you back and remove the barriers.


TCC Step #4: Complete Your Profile2017-07-28T09:57:17+00:00

Completing your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) profile is easy, but here are a few tips that might be helpful.

After registration is complete, and your account is funded, you’ll need to complete your TCC profile information.  Most of the information consists of obvious fields in which your personal data is entered.

TCC Tip #3: Explore Earning Options2017-07-17T12:01:16+00:00

The Trade Coin Club (TCC) earnings potential and options make a decision to join an easy one.

You can be a part of the club and enjoy all the tools the TCC software offers, starting from a minimum 0.01BTC deposit, plus a one-time membership fee of 0.05 BTC – the 0.05 fee is the same low cost for all membership levels.

TCC offers an incredible opportunity to get involved without risking a lot of money through team building.  A member with a minimal initial deposit entering at Apprentice level can quickly use the re-investment and team building strategies to reach Trader level without making additional deposits.  This gives anyone the potential to maximize their TCC membership and achieve success.

Compensation Plan Highlights

  • Direct Referral: Commission in bitcoins earned for each personal referral.

  • Indirect Referral: Commission in bitcoins for another 10% divided by 7 generations.

  • Team Bonus:  Commissions in bitcoins earned on the balance of left and right side teams.

  • Bonus Residual: Bonus earned in bitcoins from the 3×12 matrix by members who have earned at least 0.01BTC.

  • Renewal Team Bonus: Commissions in bitcoins earned every time a member in your team earns 5x’s the amount of their membership.  This can happen unlimited times and is completely automatic.

TCC Tip #2: Add Team Member2017-07-17T12:01:44+00:00

Using your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) earnings makes it easy to help a Team member fund their account.

Just to reiterate one thing: you do not have to recruit or sign anyone to TCC.  If you simply want to participate in passive trading to acquire Bitcoin – you can do that, and there is zero requirement to do anything more.  However, if you have friends, family, colleagues, acquaintences, whatever – that are also interested, you can invite them to join.  The benefits for doing so are amazing, but everyone should make an informed decision to participate.

For some, there can be a delay when buying Bitcoin through their wallet exchange (i.e. Coinbase) due to the method of payment.  For example, it takes 5 days to fund using bank transfer.  Credit card funding is faster, but costs more.  You can use funds in your account’s Wallet Commissions, Wallet Trade or Wallet Funds to fund a team member if they have not yet obtained Bitcoin to join.  Have the team member pay you the funds in cash, via PayPay, or any other method you determine.  Don’t forget to include the appropriate exchange rate fees – many use Coinbase for this, as it calculates the current exchange rate for you simply by entering the amount as if you were buying Bitcoin.

You may want to keep approximately 1BTC in a Coinbase wallet specifically to be in a position to fund a team member joining at the minimum Apprentice level to fund their account.  This makes it easy to get a team member enrolled, funded and trading – then they can increase their deposit and/or upgrade their Plan at their discretion, using their own Bitcoin in their own TCC dashboard.

It really is simple to fund a team member’s account.  Click the image right for step-by-step screenshots.

There is an 8% fee to transfer commissions through withdrawal.  If you use earnings to assist a team member, there is no fee for member-to-member transfer of funds.  If you do this, and your team member has paid you in cash, you are using earnings while avoiding a withdrawal fee in the process.  So keep this in mind – if you’re wanting to make a withdrawal: helping fund an account can save you 8% in fees, earn you a commission for the new account, and help out a team member!  Win-win in my book 🙂

Note: Be aware, when dealing with fractions of a Bitcoin (i.e. less than 1 BTC), it is necessary to always use a ZERO in front of the decimal point.  So, for example, type in 0.25 – not .25 – this is something you easily get used to, but isn’t always obvious in the beginning.

Click the image to open screenshots.

TCC Tip #1: Withdraw Your Earnings2017-07-17T12:02:09+00:00

Withdrawing your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) earnings is optional, easy, and can be done anytime.

You can withdraw your earnings from either your Wallet Commission, Wallet Trade, or both – by sending funds directly to your personal wallet that has been setup in your profile.

For some new members, there can be a delay when buying Bitcoin through their wallet exchange (i.e. Coinbase).  You might wish to use funds in your Wallet Commissions or Wallet Trade to fund a team member if they have not yet obtained Bitcoin to join.  The team member would then simply reimburse the funds and wallet transaction fees to you via other methods, such as PayPal.

Be aware there is a flat 8% fee to transfer earnings through withdrawal.  Using earnings to fund new team members can be a good strategy to avoid this fee.

Click the image to open screenshots.

TCC Step #6: Set Trade Work On2017-07-28T09:57:35+00:00

Setting your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) Trade Work On and risk level.

Every Sunday between 4:00 pm PST (5 pm MST, 6 pm CST, 7 pm EST) to Monday 3:59 pm PST (4:59 pm MST, 5:59 CST, 6:59 EST), you must set your RISK LEVEL for the week.  When you do this, your “Trade Work Gears” begin turning.  This is how you know you’re trading – those gears are actually moving, turning.  It takes only a few seconds, and it is really the one thing you must do to make money with TCC.

If you forget to set your risk level and initiate Trade Work On during this window of time, you will not realize any earnings for the week.  But those trade days will not be used, and the days of trading remain the same.

The risk level you set is entirely up to you.  Choose Low, Medium or High Risk and let the TCC system trade for you all week.  This is what fees paid is all about…having a system that operates on your behalf, a back end office to keep track of it all and manage your Bitcoin assets, by a real company with a physical corporate office and real employees.

TCC Step #7: Re-Invest Your Earnings2017-07-28T09:57:41+00:00

Re-investing your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) earnings is optional.

There are a couple of strategies you might employ regarding your TCC earnings, and it is entirely up to you which you choose.

Optional: Re-Invest Your Earnings
If you are an Apprentice plan participant at the minimum level deposit, this option might initially be unavailable – but once your earnings accumulate, you can re-invest about every 2 or 3 days, then eventually every day for the FIRST 60 DAYS. Higher deposit amounts will generate enough earnings to re-invest daily. Reinvesting is a strategy that can increase the total amount being traded on your behalf each day, and use your earnings to acquire additional Bitcoin.

You can request withdrawal of your earnings from either your Wallet Commission, Wallet Trade, or both – by sending Bitcoin to your personal wallet (i.e. Coinbase).

TCC Step #5: Fund Your Plan2017-07-28T09:57:25+00:00

Funding your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) plan is easy if you follow a few easy steps.

When you complete your registration, you’ll be logged into the TCC Dashboard and presented with the options to select and fund a plan. You can click to review details about each plan.  Once your selection is decided, enter the amount required/desired for deposit PLUS the one-time 0.05 BTC registration fee.

You generate a “Hash” – In the bitcoin protocol, hash functions are part of the block hashing algorithm which is used to write new transactions into the blockchain through the mining process.  Think of it sort of like an “invoice ID” that, when used by your (Coinbase) wallet or a person paying you in Bitcoin, will generate payment of your “invoice” and send the BTC funds directly to you.  Hash functions are an essential part of not only the bitcoin protocol, but information security as a whole.

You copy that “Hash” code and paste it into the appropriate field in your wallet exchange account (i.e. Coinbase) in order to permit the wallet to send the funds to TCC and fund your account.

TCC Step #3: Register Account and 2F Authentication2017-08-04T09:51:30+00:00

Sign up and create your Bitcoin Trade Coin Club (TCC) account.

Complete the TCC registration form carefully – as you are unable to change certain data once it is submitted.

Also, be aware that using some email accounts have proven to be problematic.  Use of a gmail account will ensure a smooth registration vs. other free accounts (i.e. hotmail, yahoo, etc.) which have experienced issues.  I have used my own personal (not free) email accounts, as well as gmail accounts, without issue.

Be sure to notice the “Click here to accept the terms stated in the contract” link at the bottom.  Upon clicking, you can review the terms and then you must electronically sign to indicate acceptance.  Then you can enter the captcha security question, and click “Save”.

Once the form is saved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Click the “validate registration” button, login and you’ll be presented with the option to select the desired entry level plan: Apprentice, Trader or Senior Trader – and fund your position.

Note: Should a person sign up for an account using your TCC referral link, please realize they will not be indicated as part of your network until they have funded their position.


TCC Registration Sign Up Form
TCC Step #1: Determine Entry Level2018-02-19T07:14:44+00:00

The first step is to determine desired entry level for a Trade Coin Club (TCC) account. It should be noted that membership is not available to USA citizens as of Jan 2018.

There are three levels of entry available, and entry level should be determined solely on the level of participation with which you are comfortable.  It is important to understand how the TCC works, terms of participation, risks, and benefits.

In order to participate in “marketing/team-building” to earn team bonuses, you need to sign at least two TCC members under you.  If you do not wish to participate on this level, and prefer only to have the system trade on your behalf – there is no requirement to sign anyone.

You should review the TCC Terms & Conditions to make an informed decision regarding your level of involvement and participation.

0.01 BTC

0.01 Min. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
0.99 Max. Bitcoin Deposit
0.05 Membership Fee
Stop Loss: 0.35%
Contract: 8 months
Indirect: 3 Generations
Team Bonus: 8% – 2BTC Per Day


1.0 Min. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
4.99 Max. Bitcoin Deposit
0.05 Bitcoin Membership Fee
Stop Loss: 0.40%
Contract: 12 Months
Indirect: 5 Generations
Team Bonus: 9% – 10BTC Per Day


5.0 Min. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
No Max. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
0.05 Bitcoin Membership Fee
Stop Loss: 0.45%
Contract: 12 Months
Indirect: 8 Generations
Team Bonus: 10% – 15BTC Per Day

TCC Step #2: Purchase Bitcoin2017-07-28T09:57:09+00:00

The next step is to obtain an amount of Bitcoin sufficient to join the Trade Coin Club (TCC) at the desired level.

You need to setup your own free bitcoin wallet, as you will need a wallet to purchase bitcoin to join the TCC, also for transferring future TCC earnings, and/or purchases of BTC in the future.  Your public wallet address will be entered into your TCC account profile.

Coinbase exchange wallet is my personal preference.  Their reputation is solid, and exchange rates reasonable.  However, as explained in FAQs: How Do I Acquire Bitcoins, I use the Coinbase wallet for purchases of bitcoin and only leave a small amount in this wallet.  I also have a Blockchain wallet which is more secure, and what I use for storage of larger amounts of bitcoin.  Unfortunately, Blockchain does not offer the ability to buy bitcoin.  This is full explained in the FAQs.

BITCOIN WALLET OPTIONS (exchange wallet) (exchange wallet) (exchange wallet) (USA credit cards) (global credit cards) (multiple payment options) (buy with cash) (BTC ATM LOCATOR)