Rothschild Invests in Bitcoin

Rothschild Investment Corporation is an employee owned investment manager founded in 1908 and based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm primarily provides its services to high-net-worth individuals, but also caters to individuals, banking or thrift institutions, pension and profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, corporations, state or municipal government entities, entrepreneurs, professionals, families, retirement plans, endowments, and foundations. The firm manages separate client-focused equity and fixed income portfolios, and invests in the public equity and fixed income markets of the United States. The firm invests in the growth stocks of mid cap and large cap companies. For its fixed income investments, it invests in investment-grade bonds from short-term to intermediate maturities.  The impact of the firm on global and domestic markets is vast and researchers estimate their wealth into something more than half of all the world’s wealth.

Twelve hours ago, it was reported by that “in a move that shouldn’t stun most BTC and cryptocurrency followers, Rothschild has purchased Bitcoin via the GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust) investment vehicle.  SEC articles signed this past Friday indicate that Rothschild has diversified into cryptocurrencies, now owning $210,000 worth of GBTC.”

What would be surprising would be if this is their only cryptocurrency buy – more likely, they’ve been buying in secret for some time.  However, it is very important that Rothschild is now publicly staking their reputation on Bitcoin, as it’s a sure bet they have no incentive to invest in “hot money” that is purely speculative or a “novelty” – and far more likely there is more at play and this is significant news.  At the very least, action in the cryptocurrency space by such an influential investment firm could impact the value of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, as well as contribute to legitimacy.  Plus, it is interesting… the timing of this news on the heels of the very recent BIP91 signaling and scaling resolutions underway.

There is already “chatter” in the chatrooms about this news – some feel it will drive the price of Bitcoin higher, others feel that would have happened anyway.  Some feel it’s better to have the banking system as allies vs. enemies, while others feel that will just force government to take regulatory action.  Still others feel many at the top of the financial world have long invested in cryptocurrency, but quietly.  Where you can make money, people will invest – especially the smartest (or greediest) guys in the room.

Regardless of this news, it doesn’t change the fact that getting involved in the cryptocurrency world now is probably going to be an important decision for individuals – like us.  Bitcoin is not like usual assets such as stocks, bonds, ETF, traditional currency, etc. Bitcoin can not participate in physical transactions as cash. Most people do not fully understand how it functions and what prospects it has. At the same time, significant breakthroughs in the development is happening rapidly, and the user base is growing.  As that growth takes on exponential proportions, it will cause an increase in demand and prices.

Bitcoin main value lies in the fact that its emission is limited to the amount of 21 million.  It is already estimated that most Americans will never own a whole bitcoin.  Will you?  While it may not be feasible for everyone to go out and buy several bitcoin – currently $2,775 as of this writing – it is possible for anyone to consider joining Trade Coin Club (TCC) and use the powerful auto-trading tools offered exclusively to members – to turn a small amount of bitcoin into more bitcoin.  The TCC permits those who have no experience trading a chance to participate in this exploding cryptocurrency space.


Here are a couple of videos to remind us all of realities to consider when making personal investment choices.

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